You Keep Pressing on but Ambition seems Surreal

We are living in the ocean of motion were every Nano & milliseconds oxygen emits into the air and surrounding ecosystem through the process of photosynthesis, absorption of carbon dioxide into the plants from various voluntary or involuntary activities enshrouds for nourishment and sustainability. As clock ticking by we have new angelic soul born into our beautiful universe from various creeds, colours and nations increasing the statistics of human population, also we have loved ones and whom they/we cared leaving us breathless from different walks of lives.

Professionals are very committed to their task assigned day-in-out with the intention to gain more experience on their expertise or to be promoted and elevate into higher hierarchy in the organization. Business man and women desired to achieve more wealth and success through coordination of human resource into economic turnover. Multi-Billionaires and Millionaire funded the Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO’s) or Privately run organization engaging scientist and engineers from different fields of science to conduct scientific research with the common purpose of advancing standard of living.

Every year we have tons of newly graduates from universities, colleges and vocational institution entering into the workforce, hundreds and thousands entering tertiary institution and with the same proportion they are on the several levels of Education pathways upward.

We have come to value the essence of education that it is the only gate(means) for unlocking the mystery in civilized society and the element for cognitive development through the process of affirmation, repetition and memorization of resources. The idea of education has been imprinted from our parents since we’re on the infant stage (1-3 yrs.) and it has germinated to flourish in our hearts with the goodness and satisfactory of being in possession or achieving somethings of highly recognition able in the future.

Vividly you could remember as you reminiscing on your grown-up stages, the sensory factory that triggers emotional instinct during your creative thought process (imagination) or raise your imagination to higher plane of thought with emotional self-engagement of a particular achievement.

Those imagination has become our hobbies and eventually stands as desirable ambition to our career endeavour when we started enrol into the education system. Beginning from the preparatory step to higher levels we absorb many information as we could, also we were closely held accountable by our parents/guardians of our daily necessity and consistent emphasis on the advantages it (education) would impact on our lives in the long terms.

However, the standard of living in Papua New Guinea is very poor that quarter of the students pursuing universities and other institution are brought up in the family were parent’s are subsistence farmers. which means that financial security is at moderate state or sometimes there would be no help for one to pursue through their lofty dreams in education.

Financial incapability sometimes crippled the ambitious minds of giving up on the career they look towards for prosperity and accept the obstacles as an end of education to choose common ordinary living, others when faced with school fee shortage they redirect their visions and energies to success they haven’t been dreamed of, some would strive through with it despite many fall back and achieve their wishful desires.

Well, we all born in to this world were perseverance is the common pillar for survival. Everyone goes through problems, be it small or big they embrace and cherish through with it and problems become illusion on their experiences once they understand the wisdom underpinning problems and keep pressing on despite.

For those(student) who penetrates the setbacks are people who has a value of confidence in themselves with reasoning heart for success were nothing would repel against their positive thinking towards the associate environment. It has been systemizing within them that problems (lack of support) are usual substance towards their growth, with that intention they see their visions with clarity, vigor and pursue efficiently towards achievement of their successful goals.

Therefore, we understand that there’s an alternative of every given circumstance. From nature to human we’ve discovered every engagement are inter-dependent, our lofty dreams and aspirations depends on individual reasoning capacity to persist.

It is my emphasis that self-alignment is the best possible option that one should execute in personal countenance, let your heart yearn for prosperity and dream beyond the capacity of ordinary thinkers.

To your success.

By Tagiapu Andalu

6 thoughts on “You Keep Pressing on but Ambition seems Surreal

  1. 🙏🙏🙏This is beautiful writing. So poetic.

    I believe that if we dont ever give up on our dreams and goals than eventually the universe will get tired of our determination, persistence and perseverance and give us what we want

    Liked by 1 person

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