How individuals can be a weapon of influence but Government intervention weaken their will to transform

‘’For things to change, you have to change. For things to get better, you have to get better. For things to improve, you have to improve. When you grow, everything in your life grows with you.’’ Jim Rohn

The global economy has been crashed by unwelcomed pandemic of virus called COVID-19. Most of the economy has been crippled by this pandemic and are trying their utmost best to recover from this defeats. Company’s and Business operations has lay off most of the departmental staff and many employee has to be refrain from their job, remaining unemployed. Very sad to see families and friends have lost their loved ones leaving them with tormented future.

We have seen many eye opening changes brought by this biological transition globally. However, many economy (countries, governments bodies) have engage in genetic studies of this global issues and reassess their strategy, visions and governance which is amicably for society to have safer community.

Hela Province is one of the very beautiful states of Papua New Guinea, it has very rare commodity unlike other states of the nation. They have very unique culture really eye catching and in-depth insight prophecies of various geographical landmass in Hela province.

In this blogs we would expound deep into Hela (Huli) perspective of;
1: Cultural linkage to tribal warfare
2: Governments welfare strategies and implementation
3: Approach of re-engineering human consciousness
better Hela

The way of life

The defined motives of the cultures depicts from the ancestral since our society values their customs more than western influences, the correlation of changes would be gradually in motion.

There are three most important things Huli (Hela) society treasure, they are Heritage land mark, Women and Pig or in tokpelse we say ” tindi, wali, nogo”. When dealing with this three elements people are more caution because it is very sensitive and can burst up at any cause.

The Heritage land comprise of tribal land from present count’s back then to last 8th count of generations. From cultural views, land it is a very rare commodity that would not be shared between or inherited by stranger , Wali (women) are most immeasurable elements to men’s heart in Huli views then in history and Pigs are the wealth, in the past men owns many pigs are the richest person in the community and notable to be respected with honor.

Those are the foundation of any cause of tribal warfare in Hela province right now with major killing(slaughtering) of innocents lives and demolishing of properties . A slogan of TNT (Tari Nogat Tintin) which means Tari does not has proper sense of manner are not the true statement because there’s are reasons behind those scene.

Is it appropriate for Government to Emphasize on tribal warfare?

NO! The government arms and itself are responsible for implementing the core strategy that are safeguard to the community welfare. One of the enforcement should have to be the Law and Order ignition to the fellow citizens (province) to obliged and be of responsible rationales.

We have seen above the three pillars that are common cause of the tribal fight within the vicinity of Hela Province. Those notorious warlords are respectable and feared by respective community in Hela Province because of their unacceptable behavior in the society.

Governmental bodies cannot pay similar homage as average locals are subject in doing, because they are figurehead of a particular Country were it has constitutional Act (Laws) governed the civil rights.

Whenever Government held responsible in reconciling both parties of the warlords, unknowingly it is a psychological deficiency towards receptive power of human conscience. It indirectly emphasize that it is an acceptable behavior in the societies welfare were whenever in similar circumstance the reconciliation would be held with the common denominator of monies.

Money cannot impact the changes in the mindsets of the intellectual creatures. It makes life more efficient. It does not transform the cognition of the individual’s hearts and minds, it motivates them to keep on doing for high rewards. Instead, enlighten the society with the consequences and goodness of the human right act (law).

Where does the transformational journey begun?

Transformation should begun from the arena thought process or through cognitive development. The forces governing the substance of mind and it’s structural complexities are extremely beyond the comprehension as studies perceives.

Given the illustration on coronavirus, the Government and NGO’s in other economy has funded millions of dollars into research agencies to advanced the studies to find cause and it’s solution for this pandemic. Fortunately, it did manifest and they are into great recovery now.

However, fighting in Hela province has become norm and slaughtering of lives also increased exponentially over the decade. It is somethings petty to be eradicated but unfortunately it has been ignored since.

It is my suggestion that government should cut some of the cost of infrastructure development and invest most in Personal Development entity, those tribal warfare is the emotional deficiencies were motivation is required, and it should have to be through personal/psychological development.

Establish personal development schools in Hela Province, hire international motivational speakers, personal development gurus that would help enlarge human consciousness on significant living, spiritualist that would assess in connecting human soul to divine conscience, engage every schools in Hela province to teach Mind Psychology to students as one of the core subject, if there is no teacher for this subject then Hire them!

Finally, leadership should be of innovation and creativity, its not about emphasizing on the obsolete systems of repeating the same things over and over while human mind are stagnant for progression.

To your Personal Development.

By Tagiapu Andalu

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