Crisis, Crisis, Crisis!

We’ve been told of issues and circumstance affecting societies of great calamities since we were kid, also foretell some of those difficulties would happens in the future.

As our understanding ripens we have different views and judgement on the activities and interaction of our common daily engagement.

The religions hail their voices that there would be a time we mankind would outlook for the word of God, also the second coming of the Jesus would be of terrible misery to those unprepared soul.

Our surrounding environment usher us of the economic depression of other countries or we are into, the biological defeats affecting several economies and natural disaster demolishing livelihood ect..

Those crisis from respective spectrum is fascinating venture for human consciousness, our mind has been in collections of data through five senses from history to present moment and in most instances it is very sensitive to newsfeed encircled.

It has been norm that most of the people learn and speaks from the newsfeed (TV, Social Media ect.) from around the globe. The more we project our attention on those matter, unknowingly we are unaware of the great depression we put ourselves into.

Personal Crisis is an untapped basis mostly ignored. Most of the time we forgot to embark on the deficiencies within our heart and mind instead contemplating too much outwardly.

The consequences of personal depreciation leads to low self-esteem, fear, greed, jealousy ect.. Hence, uprooting of self-crisis centered upon personal growth through self love, gratitude, positive affirmation and faith.

Very rarely to be found the true art of mentioned particular because of the enormous activities in the society were people lost track of their true essence of living.

In the ancient accounts man were hunters-gathers, they don’t own land or trying to conquer the world but they’re simply the survivor because they knew their purpose of existence.

Therefore, it is better to understand your missing link connecting your true divine soul with the outer atmosphere which are more reliable for efficient living.

The world is filled with crisis and you cannot conquer by speaking through it but you can only persuade and win yourself.

To your growth!

By Tagiapu Andalu

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