You’re imagining successful career with your Soulmate but accidently you end-up with someone not in your dreams and life seems like Hell.

Changes from stone age to our society today are the major transition in the minds of rational creatures. Individuals may have different views when it comes to life, be it scientific, theologically, politically or intimacy ect.. but your personnel-connectedness with the true divine-self is very sacred to be encountered.

Knowledge has increase exponentially were counterfeit ideas spoils the healthy vibrant intellectuals in our society today. The influences from social media, love movies and pornography materials has infected the neurons (nerves) for many young elites to imitate beyond their capacity.

Those nerves has blinded their imaginative factory to think constructively for live life up to its purpose. However, many has fall into an illusion of life by preforming a character which aren’t in correspondence towards lives settings.

The intense desire of influence to be and do something has led many beautiful soul into miserable consequences of living in long-terms of lives. In lives you get what you picture and not what other’s portrays lives on you to be follow.

Remember, Picturing means the deep conviction of satisfaction you feels when you look within yourself through your minds the particular objects seems delight to your success and a only means of happiness every moment of your daily engagement.

Some may obtain inspiration through their education career, few from various achievement and most have fall into the psychological influence from particular person or partner.

We have known and seen most of the successful man in the history that has attain magnificent successes were influenced by the energies and comfort of women. Some good hearted man also develop their women with values, respect and discipline them for proper personality to blend into their (man) visions and success.

As a young adult we have someone deep within our heart that we know surely he (she) would be the companion for prosperity. Desperately the pulse of meditation flood the minds with sweetest picture with emotion of cherishing memories to be attain in the future, the fulfilling life to be live with the perfect soulmate and the happiness seems infinity through the bond of love.

However, the perception of individuals about lives varies depending on their understanding, the journey would not always be smoothen, it also has rocky path to be travel for the defined destination.

Through the process of development some would consistent in their wishful imagination with a particular soul and eventually propose in marriage to be their soulmate, others would end up in tormented feelings of break-ups and few would be in flourish relationship but unexpectedly they would leave in shocked for another venture of life.

For those who has fall apart alone the journey, a handful would learn from their mistakes and look for better alternatives and elevate their career from then onwards, others would hardly finding time to adjust themselves into profound reality.

In other instances, the beginning would be seldom but as times pass by the candy taste life would be turn into fierce of anger and it would trigger your best memories with your ex-bf (gf) and you would be persuades to go back to your previous lover but they also move on and would have no time for you with acceptance as a best friend, rarely few would understand with forgiveness and take you back into their lives.

You have one life and that requires one choice, this choice may be for fortune or misfortune. Chasing after lust for satisfaction and materialistic for gain are not really the significant essence of the life purpose.

Therefore, look for someone who would compliment and blend on to your merits and visions within you. Also become a prominent batter half to soften your divine heart to have better understanding and compassion for the fellow unfortunates.

Wishing you the best to your search of your soul mate.

To your happiness.

By Tagiapu Andalu

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