The one You look upon leaves you with breathless

We all belongs to a Particular Nation, Province/State, District/Town, Community, tribes and tribesman, and eventually we’re born to a family of a Mother and Father. In most instance Parents are the only refuge and source to the Children growth and well-being on this so called journey of existence. Though we may distinguish ourselves from demographic status on the higher scale but personally you’ll certainly knew your root of strength and belongingness.

As a kid we have flourish up with good intent for success and prosperity of becoming someone valuable under the pleasant governance of our lovely parents. We were closely knitted within their hearts that nothing on the surface would harm us or spoil our healthy ambitious feelings towards our career.

Additionally, life is not always perfect as our heart have perceived during our adolescents process, life has an attitude to be unfair sometimes. In the context of Melanesian society, we have this mode of conduct to be dependent on our parents/guidance or someone who keep us sustained and we treasure them in all of our lives.

Over quarter of the children’s worldwide suffer from parental care such as kids raised by single parents or orphan kids, tons of researched has been conducted on this subject. The consequence of this matter leads to major issue currently faced in major cities and suburbs/settlements in various country. It is very sad to see children’s from different characteristics and background striving towards common goal either being supportive or self-reliance.

However, on the psychological perspective of human race, we all belong to a family and we still have someone caring for us despite situation and challenges encountered. And that someone is the means of motivation to our career development and visions we desired to be.

At some instances those whom we treasure to be our stronghold and channel of our nourishment will leave us. It is the common process in lives (death) and it would be surprising and shocking moments for you as a kid with clear ambitions. As your heart soaked into the oceans of tears and the sorrow knitted your heart with emotional hurtedness you’ll see that life is no longer promising to you anymore.

For those (kid) who have a confidence in themselves would appreciate this life’s tragedy and look through it towards their goals but others who are too dependent would eventually see that their success has been vanishing from their sight.

When they look towards their goals and future endeavors their hearts will be filled with uncertainty. When they reflect the past it would be very hurtful of those cherishing memories which would be missed eternity from now onwards. Life would be worth less to them because of the root has been uproot and under burred.

In lives most falls into similar categories explained, if you are one of those I can assure you that don’t be fooled by those illusions, everyone’s goes through similar countenance in lives and there is no reasons to be dragged behind by personal or societal circumstance. Keep pressing on, the Life rewards goes to those who persists not to the quitters.

Therefore, once you have a chances of having your parents around with you or your loved ones and other colleagues, be kind to them and appreciate them, for you might not know the unexpected moments would remind you of how vital they are in contribution towards your success while they are gone.

“Honor your Father and your Mother for this is the right things in the sight of the Lord” Eph.6:1

May this be your blessing for you today as you look towards weekend and the forth coming week.

By Tagiapu Andalu

5 thoughts on “The one You look upon leaves you with breathless

  1. Dear Tagiapu Andalu,

    Thank you for your wise words and advice, which are very cogent and well-reasoned. I particularly like the sentence “Though we may distinguished ourselves from demographic status on the higher scale but personally you’ll certainly knew your root of strength and belongingness.” There is a typo in this sentence: the correct tense to use is “distinguish”, not “distinguished”.

    Of very high relevance to your post is a very special one of mine entitled “Khai & Khim: For Always and Beyond Goodbye” and published at

    I would be delighted if you could kindly submit your comment to my said post, as I am very keen and curious to know what you think or make of it regarding how I have fared as a devoted son, whether in the context of Melanesian society and your culture, or in the context of universal human values, or both.

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    By the way, I would like to wish you a very happy New Year. May you find 2021 very much to your liking and highly conducive to your writing, reading, thinking and blogging!


  2. It’s very very inspiring article.changed my mindset as I red and will change many as they read through. Thanks so much for your infinite wisdom.


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