Write it on your Heart that everyday is the best day in the year.

Tons of energies has been impressed upon our sub-conscious mind or personal self the awareness of new year unfoldment. As the thought impulses evolves into emotional impulses of the anticipated moments of the year (2021) with keen desire of commemorating with somethings worth remembering.

Capturing the society around with astonishment in heart the cherishing glimpse of gratitude, reflection and prediction for transition on universal calendar. I personally questioned myself, ” why don’t we take everyday of our lives with similar cherishing energies”. You’ll see that we(humans) have given more priority most to the things that would cripple our rational sense to conceive yonder the rationality of our purpose of existence

Nearly quarter of the population celebrates with beer and partying, a handful of them radiating their souls within and diving into sacred chamber of divine presence for refinement, a few who knew their purpose of existence took this opportunity for self-appreciation, Self-evaluation and envision their upstanding on the coming year.

Under whatever circumstances you might have anchor your motives and celebrate for new year festive it doesn’t matter. However, it is the matter of self-knowing.

During most occasions our minds are bombarded with so many societal influences through social-media, television & news paper articles, Politics and Economical affairs shifts, ect.. that we haven’t for a moment spend time mining our personal values and qualities, it is so important to have this moment be spent to positioned ourselves on the stages of our mind through the process of imagination that project your true self-Image beyond 2021.

Year 2021 have eventually flourish after so much burning anticipation with celebrations, the national calendar has changed, all celebration ceased but the places hasn’t been changed so as people too. What’s the difference here, it’s the major shift in the intention (thoughts) of people causing those effects (to be publish on the next blog).

However, we all have to look back on the year 2020, the challenging year of all times that would be accounts in worlds history. Just imagine what if we were faced with similar situations again or might be worse than this we do not know. Therefore, for those of you(us) who have made the right resolution this year(2021) it might be a bonus for your success and prosperity henceforth.

Again, have a Happy Prosperous New Year filled with Good-Health, Happiness, Success, Love, Prosperity and Good lives.

Please stay informed for my similar blog to be publish.

May God Bless your career and Family in 2021.

By Tagiapu Andalu

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