December! December!

December is the very delightful month of a year globally, it is the time most people dip into their wallets buying expensive gifts for family, loved ones, business colleagues/partner. Some may travel for vacation with families or individual, touring different geographical landscape and buying wonderful Christmas gifts, eating at exotic restaurants with delicious dishes and partying out. Others might want to spend this time in uniting their family reconciling to God through hymns and consecration service.

The context of welcoming and celebrating Christmas may vary from different ethnicity group and regions. In the concept of human minds, December is the time for evaluations and assessment for continuation of activities onto another year, because it shows on the universal calendar the end so it should have to be then. However, studies have shown that in the quantum physics world there is no time and space, every thing is same all day-in-out year around.

Science may have its valid evidences and explanation from human biological perspective to laws of physics governing our solar system. Religion also have their undeniable theological explanation from accounts of creation till the transition of our earth into eternity. It is nothing to be of contradiction but to gain clarity of understanding on different forces associates our existence and identify our sources.

Despite those similarities, humans are so practical that those events in lives has been systemize within our soul and it is on an autopilot, whenever the time strikes the calendar we know sure the flow and energies of the moment and activities required.

Year 2020 has been a challenging year for Global community, from my personal views I understand that there was a huge shift in Economic Statues, Faith and Religion, Technological advancement, Scientific experiment and other major related areas. I’m sure that humanity would be of good sheer by advancing beyond through their imaginations to cope-up of what they have left behind during the PANDEMIC and multiply their progress(2021), let this Christmas (new year) be your fate for good health, happiness, success and prosperity.

Wishing you all the joyous prosperous happy new year and may countless blessing of our God Almighty be upon your family, business, education career, professional career, ect.. with divine nourishment of discerning spirit of good thought.

Stay bless!

By Tagiapu Andalu

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